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The legend that captures Erice like a mysterious mist, tells that it was founded by the Trojan exiles fleeing in the Mediterranean after the defeat of their native city.

As Enea went north, towards what is today the city of Rome, Eryx landed on the Sicilian coast with a handful of adventurers and settled permanently on Mount Erice.


Castles in Erice


Streets of Erice


Thus Erice became the most important city for the Elymian people who founded their own religious centre here.
During the Roman Empire, Erice was known throughout the Mediterranean due to the cult of the Venus Erycina and her aphrodisiac rituals.

Ancient stones and mossy geometries today make up the tranquil village of Erice. Perched on top of the mountain bearing the same name, it stands out between suggestive views, flowery courtyards and narrow, winding medieval streets over which the scent of typical sicilian food floats: a delight for the senses and the palate.


Panorama from the top


The Hotel Moderno is located in the midst of this unique setting to give you an added value which distinguishes a simple holiday from an unforgettable experience.



Castle of Venus

Castle of Venus


Cathedral of Erice

The Cathedral


View from the balcony of the hotel Moderno in Erice

View from the balcony








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